The First Izakaya (Japanese restaurant & bar) in Edmonton


Japanese サイトはこちらからどうぞ

Address3739 99st Edmonton, AB
How to get thereMap
Hours of operationSun 5pm - Midnight
Mon Close
Tue-Thu 11:30am - 2:30pm
   5pm - Midnight
Fri & Sat 11:30am - 2:30pm
   5pm - 2am
CloseHoliday & Monday
Budget$15~$25 (Food only)
CardVisa, Master card and Debit
LayoutFloor map
ParkingNo problem. There is a lot!!

Greeting from the owner at IZAKAYA TOMO



My name is Tomoya and I am the owner at Izakaya Tomo.

''My goal is to bring a fabulous environment to our establishment because
we work every day and spend most of our time at work instead of having fun with important people like our friends, family, and the people close to us''

I might be exaggerating, but I am seeking to create a restaurant where both customers and our staff can:

Enjoy themselves and
Are filled with smiles

I want to work together with staff and guests alike to create this kind of atmosphere in the restaurant!

Simply put, I am trying to create an amazingly fun restaurant!!

We would not have been able to accomplish this much without every single person who has supported us.
This is just the beginning, but We would like to acknowledge their support again here.

  • Accountant who always deals kindly with my questions
  • The kitchen equipment supplier who offered great deals on their particularly superb equipment
  • Realtor who strived to find the perfect location
  • Landlord who rented out the establishment at a great deal
  • Carpenter (Vk enterprises) who did great wood work
  • Designer (Inda Canada) who understands my concepts well
  • The company who printed our uniforms
  • Traders, friends, and family who have helped in importing tableware
  • Import agent who works really hard to import new Sake and Shochu
  • Friends who took me to several places for a ideas

I was able to meet all these supporters thanks to my friends' connections.
Thank you so much for all the support.


And I believe I will be counting on them in the future as well.

Thank you for reading my greetings.

I believe that it is possible to create a better environment if we develop a close relationship with our customers so please also check out our staff enthusiasm page.



    For customers

  • We will keep offering surprises and create a positive impression
  • We will maintain a clean and pleasant environment
  • We will always listen to our customers’voices so as to keep improving

    For staff
  Izakaya Tomo will promise to our staff to

  • create an exciting environment
  • keep improving the company setting to keep staff motivated
  • evaluate and recognize staff's hard work for the company and customers

    For ourself
  Izakaya Tomo promises itself to

  • become a restaurant where everyone wants to come back
  • become the top restaurant that people reccomend friends to go for a good time
  • maintain an environment where everyone, guests and staff alike, can be happy

Concept~What kind of restaurant is Izakaya Tomo?

What is an Izakaya by the way?

Simply put, it's a restaurant where you can drink.

  People might think “Most restaurants serve alcohol, don’t they?”

The main focus of an Izakaya is drinking rather than eating full course meals, but many delicious appetizers and side dishes are available to compliment your drinks.
Because of this, an Izakaya usually stocks a bigger selection of drinks than the average restaurant, as well as a better menu with more food than most bars and pubs.

It’s basically the best of both worlds – good food and a relaxed atmosphere with a wide variety of drinks to enjoy with your friends. We want to bring this unique atmosphere (that is so popular in Japan) to the people of Edmonton.

We just call it Tapas Bar here.

Now, "Izakaya Tomo"

"I want to enjoy good Beer/Sake/Shochu and the kinds of foods that go with these drinks at an affordable price!"
Izakaya Tomo is a Japanese restaurant & bar where these types of people can come by freely and enjoy themselves!

  1. We are open until late. Please click HERE for our business hous.
  2. You can try new types of food here
  3. We will do our best to ensure that our guests will want to come back
  4. You can try special items that are not on the menu (just ask)
  5. You don't drink?
    No problem!!
    We will have plenty of non-alcoholic drinks as well

    Feel free to drop by just as if you were hanging out with friends

Store Traits

Soft Water

  • At Izakaya Tomo, we use soft water for cooking and for our drink ice.
  • Soft water contains less calcium and magnesium so it:
    • Allows soap to create more bubbles
    • When doing laundry it makes it harder to damage the clothing
    • Makes it harder to damage the pipes (plumbing)

      But of course, those aren't the real reasons for choosing soft water at Izakaya Tomo!

      the actual benefits for customers are:

    • It is flavourless and easier to drink
    • Brings out the flavour of cooking and drinks
    • Doesn’t affect the flavour of delicate ingredients
    • Makes the rice softer

      I will explain hard water as well just in case so that people don't just think I'm one-sided on the issue! Hard water:

    • Tends to have more scum
    • Makes pasta noodles taste better
    • Is best to drink after sweating from playing sports

      However, Izakaya Tomo has decided to use soft water for the customers' benefit because of its many positive benefits.

Magical Bottle

  • The radium mineral that has the same composition as the radon mineral found in hot springs is known for its deionizing effect.
    This ceramic bottle is made from the same mineral.
  • Alpha rays emitted from the radium mineral has a deionizing effect and makes the water milder.
  • In general, Sake tends to taste better as it ages; however, if you leave it overnight in this bottle, it surprisingly turns milder.

For customers who want to try the magical bottle

  • Tell us that you want to try the bottle and your choice of Sake two days before you come to the restaurant. You can enjoy the difference for $5 extra.

    We will return the money if you cannot taste the difference!
  • Since we have a sake sample set menu, please let us know if you want to taste the difference.

Challenge to new ingredients

  • Pork
    You may ask "what about it?"
    It is not a particularly new ingredient, but there are not many restaurants that promote pork in Edmonton, are there?

    I asked several people in town if they like pork.

    I have found out that a lot of people think pork is just oily and unhealthy.
    However, this simply isn't the case!

    The Benefits of Pork are a must-know!
    Here is Benefits of Pork

  • Burdock Root
    I did not know that burdock root, which only Japanese people eat, had such great benefits until I researched it.

    I was surprised

    Good to know! The benefits of burdock root!
    Here is Benefits of Burdock Root

  • Tamari & Pure Wasabi
    We use the distilled soy sauce (Tamari) and *pure wasabi for sushi and sashimi.
      *Wasabi which is generally eaten here does not include the real wasabi plant.

    Why do we choose to use them when they are quite expensive?

    Because it tastes better!

    • Because Tamari is not as salty as regular soy sauce, and has a milder flavour,
      it brings out the flavours of sushi and sashimi more.
    • Pure wasabi has a sharper and fresher spicy flavour.
      It is a must-use for sushi and sashimi to remove the smell of fish and also brings out the flavour.
      (Tomo Pedia)

  • Shochu
    What is so good about Shochu?
    Here is Shochu Information
    Here is Shochu Food Pairing

What kind of person would enjoy going to an Izakaya?

  1. Anyone who just LOVES drinking!!
      Of course you can enjoy without drinking though

  2. Anyone who loves Japanese food or anyone else
      That means everyone! (haha)

  3. Anyone who thinks Japanese food is pricy!!
      Also anyone who cannot eat raw food
      I will give you a new take on this

  4. Anyone who wants to try out new and interesting foods!!
      You can order snacks and bar food that have been specifically matched
      to your favourite beer or sake through hundreds of years of trial and error in Japan.

  5. It’s a perfect place to grab a bite to eat and a drink with your friends or partner even late at night!
      We’re open late!!
      So our friendly staff will be happy to chat with you anytime you want to come down.

  6. If you don’t drink?
      No worries!!
      We have plenty of non-alcoholic drinks.

  7. Need a place to drink with your good friends?
      Having drinks and dishes that perfectly match your sake with your best friends,
       talking about your dreams and future...
      We find this is the best way to enjoy our drinks.
      Don't you think so?

  8. Anyone who wants to relax after a hard day of work!
      If you just want to grab a bottle of beer after work and want to chat with someone,
      we will be here for you and would love to chat at the bar counter.

  9. Anyone who wants to be happy and energetic!!
      Why? Offering these kinds of experiences and helping our customers feel that“life is good.”
       That is our goal.

  However, please be aware that Izakaya Tomo will not hesitate to kick out following guests:    

  • Those who just get drunk and are violent
  • Those who trouble other customers and our staff
  • Those who disturb other customers who are having fun

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