The First Izakaya (Japanese restaurant & bar) in Edmonton


Japanese サイトはこちらからどうぞ


In charge of Cheerfulness and Positivity


I'm Tomoya, and the "Tomo" of Izakaya Tomo!
Tomo means friend in Japanese!
I'm known for having a strong presence in a room, and an unforgettably strange voice!
Through my own positivity and uncanny self confidence, I aim to bring
a cheerful and positive Japanese Izakaya to !!

In charge of Japanese Authenticity, Front Staff and Training


Hi! My name is Chris and I am in charge of Training, Front Staff of Izakaya Tomo and making sure that we deliver the most authentic Japanese Izakaya experience possible. I want our customers to really believe they are in Japan when they walk through our doors. I have been working in the restaurant industry for the past 13 years so if you have any questions, please call me over and I'll be more than happy to help you. I am in charge of making sure that our staff have an extensive knowledge of the menu so that we can provide the best Izakaya experience for our customers.

I previously lived in Japan and have been back many times. Izakaya Tomo is going to bring an experience to that has not been seen before. Please join us in celebrating authentic Japanese Izakaya fare here in Edmonton!


-------HELP WANTED-------

Anyone who

  • is outgoing or thinks they want to be outgoing

  • with a nice smile or would like to work at a place that will make them smile

  • will do what it takes to get our guests smiling too

  • knows what it's like to try their best, or would like a project to fully concentrate their efforts on

  • is energetic or wants to be energized

  • is constantly looking for something interesteing

Would you want to work with people like this?
I am like you and trying my best everyday.
If you feel a connection with these values,
Izakaya Tomo is the place for you

Let's have a wonderful time and do this together!!

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