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Knowledge of Shochu

Japanese サイトはこちらからどうぞ

Shochu Information

Feature1 It doesn’t ruin the food’s taste

 “Shochu” is the only distilled beverage (liquor) in the world that is meant to be enjoyed during meals.
 We at Izakaya Tomo promote our particular variety of “Honkaku Shochu” (Authentic Shochu) which…

  • Neutralizes the food oils and has a strong effect of freshening your mouth.
  • Preserves its taste even with the strong-flavoured meals

    Honkaku Shochu has unique specialties that other liquors do not have.

Feature2 It varies in the way of drinking

 Honkaku Shochu gives you a variety of options to enjoy drinking.

  • Straight
     Chill it and enjoy the original flavour of Shochu
     Please avoid forcing your friends to drink when they cannot hold their alcohol
  • With water
     Pouring the Shochu first and then water after makes the drink milder.
  • On the rocks
     Put the ice cube in first then add the Shochu after.
     Big fans know that it’s best to drink this when the ice starts melting.
  • With hot water
     Pour hot water first then the Shochu after
     The golden ratio of Shochu and hot water is 6:4
  • With soda
     It’s called Chu-Hi in Japan
  • With tea
     You can also enjoy Shochu with a tea flavour

    I personally enjoy Shochu on the rocks because the taste and the flavour change depending on how much the ice melts. Although Shochu with hot water is preferred once in a while.

Feature3 Healthy

 I want to drink but I am worried about the calories!

 ''I recommend for people like this to drink Shochu.

  • Because Shochu has much lower calorie content than other types of alcohol.

      In Japan, doctors suggest to patients with diabetes or gout who still want to drink alcohol to drink Shochu.
      Although drinking excessively is not effective. 

  • Making blood flow properly
    You may already know that heart attacks and strokes are caused by blood clots.
     Shochu contains many more enzymes that dissolve the blood clots than other alcohols!

    Shochu contains 1.5 times more enzymes than wine, which once was known as a popular healthy alcohol!

    (Cited from 「Shochu Mame CHishiki」)

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