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Benefits of pork

Japanese サイトはこちらからどうぞ

Benefits of pork

 The Main Nutrient in Pork  

  • Vitamin B1
    • This nutrient is found ten times more in pork than in beef, and is also called a "Fatigue Recovery Vitamin".
    • Since it removes the physical fatigue and lactic acid out of the muscles, it prevents you from becoming exhausted because of the summer heat.
      Therefore, pork is highly recommended to eat when you play hard at sports.
    • Pork is widely used to break down the alcohol, so it makes sense to eat it while drinking.
    • On top of that, this nutrient is absorbed five to six times more with onions.

  • Vitamin B12
    • The vitamins in pork are known to produce blood while it is hard to take in from vegetables; therefore, you lack this nutrient if you don’t eat meat.
    • To relax your brain, this nutrient is suggested. As it is effective in making the brain function work more actively.

  • Fat
    • Speaking of pork, some people may think it has too much fat and may dislike it;
      however, pork fat is rich in fatty acid, which lowers the cholesterol.
      It’s actually recommended for those who are worried about their cholesterol.
    • Pork also contains low calories and is a practical product for dieting.

      Other nutrients in pork also work to revitalizing one’s skin and helps
      in keep your skin smooth and
      in anti-aging.
      It’s good news for ladies, isn’t it?

(Cited from「Pork Land」)

 What do you think?
 Your image towards pork has changed, hasn’t it?


 Let's eat more pork,,

  • When drinking
  • When exhausted
  • To revitalize the skin

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