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Benefits of burdock root

Japanese サイトはこちらからどうぞ

Benefits of burdock root

  Did you know ?
  Characteristics of the amazing burdock root

  • Only Japanese eat the burdock root, while in the West, it is used as a medicinal herb, and for Chinese medicine.
    It is also used for medication, as an antidote, and for skin diseases (acne, eczema, irritated skins.)
  • Particularly because the fibers in burdock root do not digest, it cleanses one’s digestive system. Furthermore, it has been shown to prevent intestinal cancer and also prevent the intestinal bacteria from propagating.
    It also helps in maintaining the good condition of the skin, and is effective for coughs, congestion, mouth ulcers, and eczema.
  • Since burdock root suppress a sudden increase in blood sugar level, it is effective for high blood pressure and diabetes.
    It also decreases inflammation, throat swelling, and aches.
  • Burdock root facilitates kidney functions, and it is called an antidote product. It also cleanses the toxic impurities in your system through the increased kidney performance, lowers bad cholesterol, sweats the impurities out of your system, and purifies one's blood.
    Furthermore, since it removes the excess moisture in the cells, it prevents swelling.

(Above information cited from「Shizen Shokuhinbetsu Kounou Dcitionary」,「J-medical」)

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