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Hello and welcome to Izakaya Tomo's website.
Izakaya Tomo is the first Izakaya in Edmonton,
having opened in December 2012 with the goal of
livening up Edmonton's food industry.

Covid -19 Update

Thank you very much for your continued support.

In response to the new regulations set out by the Government of Alberta,
Izakaya Tomo has decided to offer takeout only for the time being starting on December 1, 2020.

We are truly sorry to the customers who would like to dine in.
Once the current situation has settled down, I would like to open back up for dine-in.

This is our reality now.

I believe it is time to give back to the suppliers and customers
who have supported us thus far, and at this time, profit should come second.

I would also like to thank all the medical institutions
who have been doing their best since the start.

To show our gratitude, Izakaya Tomo will implement the following:

1, “Is this for real?” Promotion

A lineup of rare sake that is the selling point of Izakaya Tomo.
For those who have yet to try any, we would like to offer them
at a super special price at this time.
Now that you can’t enjoy them while dining in at our restaurant,
if we can bring a smile to even a few more people,
then we hope that this price shows our gratitude for your continued support.
Please take this opportunity to try Tomo’s premium sake!

2, Stamp Card System

Customers who order takeout directly from us
will receive a stamp for every $25 before tax spent.

When you have collected 8 stamps (a value of $200),
you will receive $25 off.

It’s really easy, just scan the QR code when picking up.

For customers that order online,
we will check each week and for those that have spent a total of $200 before tax,
they will receive $25 off.


We will donate 5% of sales to medical institutions.

During this time, there will likely be little profit made.
However, we still need to support our staff, so this plan will benefit everyone.

I would be grateful if as many people as possible could participate in our new promotion and stamp card system. “

Staff beer” will continue to be on the menu, and as always, I look forward to your support. 😁

See MENU & Order

If you would like to order through UberEats, Please order from here


Thank you, as always, for supporting our business in this time of uncertainty.


Izakaya Tomo


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